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Sun 11 Mar, 2pm



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Lean Out

as part of International Women's Day

When the banks collapsed and Ireland was catapulted almost overnight into an economic meltdown, the commentary and analysis of what had just happened was provided almost exclusively by men. However, the austerity that followed, the bail out of banks and the dismantling of many public services impacted disproportionately on women. 

In this discussion we will ask if women were more present in economic debate, analysis, discussion and policy formulation, would the questions that we ask be different and informed by women's lived experience? Would we agree with panelist Dawn Foster whose book Lean Out counters arguments made by Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In, in particular the view that 'trickle down' feminism bene ts everyone? Also joining us will be Frances Weetman, winner of the inaugural Virago New Statesman prize for Economics and Politics, asking Whose Model Is It Anyway?, challenging our persistent trust of awed economic models. 

Join Kathy Sheridan of The Irish Times as chair of this discussion for a stimulating and challenging opener to our International Women's Day Programme at Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival.