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Wed 29 Mar, 8pm



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Ériu Presents


A Duet for Two Male Dancers - featuring Breandán de Gallaí & Nick O’Connell

Powerful and tender, two dancers at opposite ends of their dancing career share a poignant duet through contemporary Irish dance.
Lïnger, performed by ex-Riverdance principal Breandán de Gallaí and Nick O’Connell, is an immersive theatrical experience about sexuality, ageing and identity, told through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music, and movement. 

This critically acclaimed work is a ground-breaking theatrical experience which invites you to reflect on the passage of time, and who we are at various stages of our lives. 
Although Irish dance is a choreographic starting point for Lïnger, de Gallaí is influenced by many dance genres, and what unfolds on stage is a new style of Irish dance that is both contemporary and provocative.  The soundtrack ranges from classical music to traditional, from tango to  jazz.  
“Linger is superb: a must-see full-on theatrical show … intensely moving … technically brilliant … breathtaking”  The Skinny
“De Gallaí is pushing and playing with his inherited language in ways I’ve never seen before in Irish dance, and in the process exposing aspects of himself and his dance career with a seriousness that feels both tender and brave.” The Guardian