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Thu 1 Jun, 8pm

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Meetings with Ivor

Meetings with Ivor focuses on the life and work of controversial psychiatrist Dr. Ivor Browne, who has been a central figure in Irish mental health for many decades.
Through a series of interviews, we get a sense of a doctor striving for the best for his patients while criticising the system in which he works. An intriguing look at the work of a polarising figure, open about his own short comings and those of his profession.
Browne somehow managed to be part of the establishment while still being one of its greatest critics. His pioneering and often controversial lifelong work on behalf of the many who cannot speak for themselves is notable.
Director, Alan Gilsenan’s new film captures the essence of this extraordinary human being. In a quirky and challenging cinematic portrait we meet a man, now in his late-eighties, who is still full of energy, good humour and compassion, and who remains a deeply-informed, startlingly innovative thinker. His unique attributes continue to find vital expression and offer real hope in an increasingly bewildering world.
“This documentary about Prof Ivor Browne portrays a divisive figure in a playful way, and is alive to his flaws as his far-out ideas” The Irish Times
“An utterly fascinating portrait of a man who can be considered a genuine maverick and revolutionary.”
With contributions from Tommy Tiernan, Tom Murphy, Mary Coughlan, Sebastian Barry, Nell McCafferty and others.