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Sun 16 Sep, 8pm



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Peter Broderick

American multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Broderick comes to Pavilion Theatre with a breathtaking live show in celebration of his new record All Together Again.
Peter Broderick is an American-born multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, now based in Ireland. His music ranges frrom sparse classical compositions or homemade folk music to piano and voice recordings – he's constantly experimenting with different musical genres and making his name as an increasingly essential artist in today’s musical panorama.
One of renowned label Erased Tapes’ (Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm) most forward-thinking and longest-serving artists, Peter Broderick has built up a formidable body of work over the years. His compositions range from solo material to releases with Danish group Efterklang and collaborations with his Erased Tapes label-mate Nils Frahm.

Peter's own thoughts about All Together Again:

"Ever since I started releasing records in 2007 (10 years ago now!), people have contacted me periodically to ask if I’d be interested in making music to accompany their projects. Most of these projects have been things like films, dance pieces and theatre plays . . . but every so often I get the odd request for something a little different. "Peter, would you write a song for my wedding? My one year anniversary? A ferry boat ride?"
It is with great pleasure that I now present this piece in a collection of commissioned works spanning the last decade . . . it’s All Together Again. This group of oddball works does indeed include a couple pieces written for weddings (Our Future In Wedlock and The Walk), and a song someone asked me to write as a gift for his wife on their first year wedding anniversary (Emily). And indeed, there’s a 17-minute piece written to accompany a ferry boat ride in Istanbul (A Ride On The Bosphorus). A few of the pieces were written for films (Robbie’s Song, Atlantic and Seeing Things), and one for a kind of interactive installation (Unsung Heroes).
In my early days of recording, I took pride in playing all the different instruments myself and doing the recording myself as well. And then at some point I started branching out, working with other musicians and recording engineers. But this record is very dear to me in that it’s a return to that original approach . . . playing all the different instruments myself, working with my limits on each one, and my own limits in recording and mixing. I’ve always held a broad curiosity for all different instruments and all different styles of music, and if nothing else I hope this record will portray that curiosity, and my pure love for this thing we call music. Can you dig it?"