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Mon 9 Apr, 5pm & 8pm

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Florence (Sara Forestier) is a primary school teacher who also happens to live in an apartment in the school building with her young son. One day, she finds herself caring for a troubled pupil named Sacha, and begins trying to track down his absent parents. However, Florence’s own life begins to fall apart as she struggles with a frustrated son and an increasingly stressful job….
Primaire is a love letter to teachers everywhere. Director / co-writer Hélène Angel expertly captures Florence’s trials & tribulations both inside and outside of the classroom. While the film has no shortage of French charm, it doesn’t shy away from the reality of modern education - showing how both teachers and pupils can find themselves struggling in an often unfriendly & under-resourced system.
“This warm-hearted French drama feels like a love letter to the teaching profession and its powerful influence on young lives” Daily Express