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Wed 18 Oct, 4pm



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Broken Crows presents

The Secret Garden

The play is adaptation of the famous children’s book The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett and was adapted by Deirdre Dwyer. It deals with the transformation of a little girl, a garden and a family by connecting with nature and caring for others.
This is the first show Deirdre Dwyer has adapted and directed, she is mostly a designer based in Cork and works a lot in theatre for young audiences.

The show follows Mary Lennox, an unlovable orphan, as finds herself brought from India to her Uncle’s spooky old manor house. In this new environment she is left to her own devices and becomes fascinated by the secrets that seem hidden all around her.

Her discovery of a secret garden and her budding friendship with the cranky gardener and a brave little robin shows Mary what it is like to love and be loved and allows her to transform and grow and in doing so to change the whole household and the lives of its inhabitants.
"Using light and music the story 'grows' on you like the seasons in a garden and children seated in the front could feel the wonder and the fantasy of it all."
"Deirdre Dwyer has adapted, directed and designed a beautiful version of The Secret Garden with a cast of three working very hard to create and sustain the beautiful storyline." Liam Murphy