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Tue 16 Apr, 8pm



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A Day in May

by Colin Murphy

Based on RTÉ journalist Charlie Bird's book of the same name, A Day in May charts the journey of Ireland's LGBT+ community from the dark days of 1983 right up to 2015's historic Marriage Equality referendum in the drama-documentary style Colin Murphy (Haughy|Gregory. Bailed Out!, Guaranteed!) has become famous for. 
On 23 May 2015 the people of Ireland made history by becoming the first nation in the world to introduce marriage equality by popular vote. Of the almost 2 million Irish people that went to the polls to cast their vote, a staggering 62% of people voted Yes.
As the historic vote was declared, the joyous scenes from Dublin Castle and across Ireland made headlines across the world. Charlie Bird, inspired by the extraordinary "Yes Equality" campaign, travelled the length and breadth of Ireland to meet some of the people most deeply affected by the referendum result. In his book, their stories of living in the shadow of inequality and oppression were brought to life in a poignant record of their lives.
From these stories playwright Colin Murphy has created a drama documentary charting the 35-year-old struggle for equality for the LGBT+ community in Ireland, which culminated in the Marriage Equality referendum.
Directed by Gerard Stembridge, the theatrical version of A Day In May is an often-hilarious emotional rollercoaster, as the political drama is interwoven with the true stories of ordinary gay people, their families and friends.