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  August 2022
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Sun 28 Aug, 8pm

Foggy Notions in association with Pavilion Theatre presents

A Lazarus Soul (Acoustic)

& Special Guest Arrivalists

Brian Brannigan and Joe Chester perform a very special duo performance from acclaimed Dublin cult band A Lazarus Soul.

The band released the acclaimed The D They Put Between The R & L album in 2019. With its much-loved single Long Balconies, the album drew heavily from folk and traditional influences, and became a breakthrough for them as they played sold out shows and festivals throughout the country. 

Special Guest: Arrivalists
Arrivalists is the moniker for the solo work of former Hedge Schools words and music man Patrick M Barrett. An EP in 2019, The Whitman Ones, were the first embers followed by the first full-length album The Last of the Written Pages in 2021. The album is a poignant, gentle trespass into the last few years of caring for both of his elderly parents and the work reflects the silence, the loss and the unceasing beauty of the process.