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Preview: Wed 5 Oct, 8pm
Thu 6 – Sun 9 Oct, 8pm
Matinée: Sat 8 Oct, 2.30pm



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Hatch Theatre Company & Pavilion Theatre present


Written by Eoghan Quinn | Dublin Theatre Festival 2022

She wonders if she’s asking too much of Love Island to forcibly shut down parts of her brain like rogue software. To ask these conventionally attractive people to drag their sunbeds into her brain and lounge around in the spaces where her thoughts should be…

Aisling and Matt are exhausted. 10-month-old Leah is too. Probably. They just need to get through this evening.

But with the arrival of two damaged friends, a collection of anxious memories, dreams, and visions start to surface, prompting them to ask what is real about this relationship, and what is just in their heads… And either way, can it survive?

Hatch Theatre Company and Pavilion Theatre present the world premiere of colic by Eoghan Quinn. Mixing sharp realism with interior monologue, colic is a daring new play of worlds crashing together: reality and fantasy, tragedy and comedy, Ancient Rome and The Olsen Twins. The outside world and our deepest, innermost voices.

Written by Eoghan Quinn (Bears in Space; Stewart Parker Award Nominee), this stunning piece of new writing is brought to life in a bold and exciting production by acclaimed director Annabelle Comyn (Girl On An Altar, To The Lighthouse, Asking for It).