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Thu 22 Jun, 8pm


Fri 8 Sep Added Due to Demand
See booking link below


No Filters

Extra Date Added Due to Demand: Fri 8 Sep

In a world where women are expected to have the patience of mother Teresa, the arse of Jennifer Lopez, the social media profile of Kim Kardashian and the BMI of Elle McPherson the pressure is relentless.

Sinead Culbert and Sue Collins - the comedy duo and Keeping Up with the Dirtbirds podcast sensation - present their hilarious new show No Filters which takes a close look at the barrage of bull we are subjected to on a daily basis and reminds us that despite what we’re told there is NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT... (except maybe Jamie Dornan’s arse in Fifty Shades Darker.) 

So if you need answers to questions like:

  • How do I have confidence when I feel lower than a snake’s arse?
  • How do I learn to love my muffin top?
  • When the kids wreck my head how do I stop myself from selling them on Done Deal?

…then this is definitely the show for you. Perfect women not allowed in!