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Fri 29 Nov, 8pm

In the Window

Written & performed by Nuala McKeever

In her internationally-acclaimed, one-woman, comedy hit, Nuala McKeever delivers a poignant, hilarious, cocktail that has wowed audiences from the USA to India.
Life hasn’t turned out the way 49 yea old Margaret dreamed. She’s not a Charlie’s Angel living in sunny California. She’s lonely as hell in a house that won’t sell, with no husband, no kids and a boring job that’s not worth living for. Something’s got to give.
So tonight, she plans to go out in style with a bottle of pink fizz and a big bowl of pink pills. But Margaret hasn’t reckoned on the sudden appearance of Chris, a desperate young man who’s just come in the kitchen window with what looks like a gun in his pocket. And he’s definitely not pleased to see her.
Throw in a nosy neighbour, a sexy policeman and a series of little white lies and this black comedy delivers a cocktail of humour and disaster that’s just to die for.