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Sat 25 Nov, 8pm

Foggy Notions

Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne has moved through the world as a characteristically private artist largely outside the public eye. Her music becomes an immersive atmosphere summoning both the expansive and the intimate; the evocative songcraft transcends genre as it flows between her signature fingerpicked guitar and a palette of synth tones.

The American songwriter has announced The Greater Wings (7 July 2023), her first record in over six years and her debut with Ghostly International, with a video for lead single Summer Glass. A self-taught musician and characteristically private artist that has committed her life to her work, Byrne now emerges from a deeply trying and generative period with the most powerful, lustrous, and life-affirming music of her career. 

It is the sound of resource, of friendship that was never without romance, of loyalty that burns from within like a heart on fire, and the life force summoned in unrepeatable moments — raw, gorgeous, and wild.