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  October 2018
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Wed 30 Jan, 8pm



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The Young’uns

The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff

Three-time BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winners The Young’uns present a timely tale of Johnny Longstaff: a boy who walked out of poverty, a teenager who stood up to racism, a soldier who fought fascism and an old man who inspired a new generation.
The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff was born from a conversation with a fan after a gig about his late father.
With their trademark harmony and humour the Durham folk trio's new "concept tour" comprises an urgent suite of songs interwoven with Johnny's own voice and rare images to tell an amazing story.
From the shadow of the Teesside shipyards, to the banks of the Thames. From Cable Street to the Spanish Civil War. Johnny Longstaff bore witness to some of the most defining moments of the early 20th century. Before he died, he recorded his story in words which were harrowing, hilarious, poignant, proud and ultimately uplifting.