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Wed 23 Mar, 8pm



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Walls Talk

Walls Talk is a dance-music-theatre piece for solo dancer, Breandán de Gallaí, and singer, Gina Boreham. The title comes from the expression ‘If these walls could talk’. The work considers the notion of memory being recorded in the material world around us: all our actions, our feelings and thoughts, frozen in matter and energy, every material akin to magnetic recording tape, the disturbances we create remaining there for eternity.
Source material included Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance Theory, ‘The Stone Tapes’, Dossey’s ‘One Mind’, & Brené Brown’s ‘Connections Curriculum’. Key themes include species-wide consciousness / quantum theory / genetic memory.
The work is in chapters, with each chapter being a poem of mourning (Elegy, Dirge, Lament, etc.), flanked by a Prologue and Epilogue. Each chapter is underpinned by a song from the jazz golden era, and each song will represent a different musical genre. The setting of the selection of songs will be based on Liederkreis structure.

Original music arrangements are by composers and arranges Fiachra Ó Corragáin (Kinsale), Paddy Mulcahy (Limerick), Joe Csibi (Dublin) & Zac Gvi (London).
Whilst the movement is rooted in traditional Irish step dance, de Gallaí also draws from his ‘Habitus’ – what he likes to refer to as the ‘shadows that remain from seminal experience’ – trauma, fear, violence, pleasure, etc. – physical memory that imprints itself on the body. The danced sections will be linked by passages of text – some from the English literary canon, others written especially for the piece. 
The work is an abstract assemblage of fragments. The various fragments, be they the musical, singing and dance styles, the segments from plays and poems, or newly composed prose; the set and props; may not on paper seem to belong together, but performed in its totality, the ‘chaotic cacophony’ make unexpectedly and inevitable harmonious bedfellows.