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Pavilion Theatre Volunteer Usher Programme

Please note: we are currently not recruiting any new volunteers.
Pavilion Theatre's Volunteer Usher Programme has been operational since 2010 and has brought with it a professional and enthusiastic positive experience to our theatre.
Our volunteer coordinator is looking for warm and welcoming people to join our team of volunteer ushers. You will help meet and greet our patrons and be the welcoming face of the Pavilion Theatre, show customers to their seats and be the house representative in the audience.
Being a volunteer usher at Pavilion Theatre comes with many benefits:
  • You become part of the Front of House team that makes our events happen
  • You can learn and develop new skills in the area of customer service
  • Volunteering gives plenty of opportunities to meet new people every time you are in Pavilion
  • You can see many of our shows from our diverse range of events when you volunteer, plus you have the opportunity to receive some complimentary tickets for friends and family
If you would like to be part of the team, please click the link below to download the application form. All application forms or queries about the Volunteer Usher Programme should be forwarded to
Download the Volunteer Application Form Here
Some testimonials from our current volunteers
"What does a Pavilion Volunteer take to work of an evening?  Enthusiasm, dedication, hope, excitement and a ‘sense of ownership’. Pavilion Volunteers feel they are part of a team; it’s as if they’re part of the show.  In a way, they are.  Volunteers are the public face of the Pavilion and enjoy their duties meeting and helping our visitors. Every night is a special Pavilion Night for a Pavilion Volunteer." - Breandan, volunteer since 2012     
"I enjoy being a volunteer in the Pavilion. I know it is our community theatre...a sense of community is really important to me. I feel this everytime I volunteer. Feeling welcome is very nice. Staff are very helpful and supportive... Being a volunteer means I get to see some of the shows while still being alert to the needs of the audience. I'm there to assist in any way I can, knowing I have the support of the staff,if required. I recommend the programme highly and hope to be part of it for the rest of my life!" - Mary, volunteer since 2012
"I would recommend volunteering at the Pavilion to everyone. The time you commit is flexible, so is easily adapted to your own lifestyle. You will be made welcome and your participation will be appreciated. Perhaps best of all, a wealth and breadth of talented performances await you. So go on and sign up ..." - Joan, volunteer since 2013