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The image shows a theatre stage with red velvet curtain across the back. On stage there is a microphone and an easel with an image that reads ' Dublin story slam'. Talks

Dublin Story Slam

Tue 23 Apr, 8pm

Theme: Heroes & Villains

An open mic competitive storytelling night hosted monthly by comedians Sharon Mannion and Colm O’Regan which is all about celebrating the everyday experiences that come to shape who we are, as well as those extraordinary moments that have defined us.

A stylised red-on-green illustration of a horse and cart being upturned in a chaotic scene, with people falling off the cart, the horse chasing a dog and children almost being crushed under the wheels. Music, Literary, Talks

Muldoon’s Picnic

Fri 17 May, 8pm

The hit cabaret-style poetry, prose and music show hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning Irish poet Paul Muldoon and his band Rogue Oliphant, featuring guests Roddy Doyle, Hugh Buckley, Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh and Liz Nugent.


The Blindboy Live Podcast Show

Fri 31 May, 8pm

A live recording with the bestselling author, screenwriter, musician and podcaster who seamlessly intertwines history, fiction, cultural critique and politics into a relaxing form that he calls “the podcast hug”.

A montage of serial killer mugshots in black-and-white. Clockwise from the top left: Myra Hindley, Ian Brady, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Fred West, Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, Dennis Nilsen and Ted Bundy. Talks

Psychology of Serial Killers

Thu 31 Oct, 8pm

Explore one of true crime’s most troubling topics with ex-forensics lecturer Jennifer Rees. This acclaimed, sell-out show will provide even the most dedicated true crime fan new insights to the phenomenon of serial homicide.