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  June 2024
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Stylised image of Adrienne Truscott - dressed in men's clothes with a false moustache - and Phelim Cannon with a curly wig. They both have mischievous expressions, and the image has a tobacco-stained red/orange tint. They both wear glasses, which have been artistically outlined in bright white. Theatre


Fri 28 & Sat 29 Jun, 8pm

★★★★★ The Irish Times
★★★★★ The Stage

Featuring acclaimed New York artist Adrienne Truscott and the internationally renowned Brokentalkers, MASTERCLASS parodies the “great male artist” to within an inch of his life in order to uncover some difficult truths about privilege and power.

A dancer making a cross with his hands, backlit by the sun, with a view of the Palestinian countryside in the background. Theatre, Dance

Floating on a Dead Sea

Sat 2 Nov, 8pm

Catherine Young Dance

With a cast of international dancers and stunning visuals, this moving performance places us in the footsteps of ordinary Palestinians, allowing us to feel their enduring sense of injustice, urgency and need for action.

Mary Murray in profile, her face drawn and sombre, wearing all black, with a stylised streak of flame and ash burning through her hair, ear and cheek. Theatre

OUTRAGE by Deirdre Kinahan

Tue 26 & Wed 27 Nov

Fishamble: The New Play Company

Told through the prism of two sisters, OUTRAGE is a play that explores the true nature of women’s role in the Irish revolutionary wars and in particular the effect of Civil War on women’s mind, body and soul.