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10 Reasons to See ‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’

26 February 2015
10 Reasons to See ‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’

Here are some excessively good reasons why we think you should come to see The Girl who Forgot to Sing Badly.

Reason 1. Why not?
Reason 2. Your friend may get to see it, love it, rave about it, wave the fact that they’ve seen it and you haven’t in your face, go on and on and on about it ad nauseam. Just get in there first and head that whole chestnut off at the PASS.
Reason 3. Apparently, it’s brilliant.
Reason 4. Truly uplifting.
Reason 5. If you like boxes? Or indeed boxes within boxes? Or have a penchant for woodwork? And are impressed by design wizardry at it’s most wickedly “Now why couldn’t I have done that?” way. Then go see it.
Reason 6. The set-design is pretty cool.
Reason 7. To sit back and be treated to a compendium of Sound, Lights, Set, Story and Performance that goes together like fingers in a yummy pie.
Reason 8. If you like invisible drum-kits.
Reason 9. If you and your granny or your friend or your dad or your younger sister or any of your family and any of your friends want to laugh your socks off at the same thing at the same time and at the same place and at the same funny man who’s sweating his socks off not three feet in front of you. Phew.
Reason 10. To see if a brave little girl called Peggy can muster up all that it takes to save all those people that are dear to her too.
Reason the Last.
Go for Peggy. Go for her parents. And go for the packing. That’s why.
P.S. Louis Lovett here aka Peggy; aka Peter; aka et al. If you do come along to the Pavilion Theatre and you’re sitting there and you see me up on stage and I see you then be sure to wave or say hello or, say, smile. Yes, a smile would be great and then I’ll smile at you and… eh, well… we’ll take it from there, I suppose. Lovely. See you when I see you so. LL
So get your skates on and come join us! Be prepared to hold on to your hats, and scarves, and gloves as Louis Lovett leads the audience on an untamed adventure that crosses snowy lands and wild seas.
Pavilion Theatre Dates:
Tue 10 Mar, 11am & 4pm
Wed 11 Mar, 10am & 12pm
Child €6.50, Adult €10, Family €28 | Age Suitability: 7+ & Adults of all ages
School Shows: €6.50 per student (Teachers go free)
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