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Meet the cast of Mojo Mickybo: Conor Quinn

09 June 2023
Meet the cast of Mojo Mickybo: Conor Quinn

Mojo Mickbo from Bruiser Theatre Company is coming to Pavilion Theatre Sat 17 Jun. Starring in this production is Northern Irish actor Conor Quinn, here's a quick Q&A with Mickybo himself.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Conor Quinn, and I’m from Banbridge town in the County Down.

What character will you play on stage?

I’ll be playing Mickybo in Mojo Mickybo

Who is your biggest influence (in life / on stage) ?

My biggest influence is probably my Mum.

Describe yourself as a 10-year-old.

I was a bit of a Mojo at school and a Mickybo at home. Sorry Mum and Dad! 

I was also a bit of a nerd.

What’s your worst onstage memory ?

My worst onstage memory was when we did a production of Grease in High School and I gave Sandy a piggyback off the stage.  It didn’t end well for either of us!


Tickets for Mojo Mickybo are priced €22/20 and are available right now – just click here or call (01) 231 2929.