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QR Tickets: environmentally-friendly entry

30 May 2024
QR Tickets: environmentally-friendly entry
Your physical tickets can always be collected from our Box Office before a performance, but if you’d rather skip the queue and get straight to your seat we also offer QR entry to all performances.
A QR code works just like a barcode at the supermarket checkout. Our QR tickets can be be displayed right on your phone; a zero-waste solution which is safe, quick and convenient. Here’s how to do it:
Open up the email app on your phone – this is likely to be Gmail, Outlook or Mail.
Open the confirmation email we sent you – the sender will be and the subject line will be “Order Confirmation from Pavilion Theatre”. You can also open the reminder email we sent you, which will have "Pavilion Theatre - Event Reminder" in the subject line.
Scroll down until you see your QR tickets - they look like this, and there will be one QR code for each ticket in your booking.
Set your screen to 100% brightness – this is generally a slider that appears alongside your notifications by swiping up or down from your homescreen, depending on whether you use Apple's iPhone (left) or Google's Android (right)
Present the QR code in the confirmation or reminder email when we ask for your ticket – we are able to scan this code and admit you to the auditorium.
If you have more than one ticket in your email, simply scroll down to the next ticket and present the QR code on that ticket, and so on for each ticket.
That’s it! Next time you visit Pavilion Theatre, why not try cut down on waste and display your tickets on your phone? Click here for our full list of upcoming events.