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‘Swing’ - It’s totes amazeballs!

25 June 2014
‘Swing’ - It’s totes amazeballs!
Following sell-out runs at Dublin Dance Festival & Bewley's Cafe Theatre, we're delighted to welcome back Fishamble with their new production, 'Swing'.
‘…written by Steve Blount, Gavin Kostick, Janet Moran and Peter Daly, (Swing) is a simple story, simply told with a simple set. And it is simply marvellous.' The Examiner
The Pavilion staff were treated to a big day out in the city to see ‘Swing’ during its run at Bewley’s Café Theatre. Here’s what they have to say about it...
'Swing' tells the story of Joe and May, two people caught up in the ‘hard-knock life’. Both take a leap of faith and try out a swing dance class and the rest is...well, you'll just have wait and see!
Like its songs and dances, Swing is an old story heard many times before. But rarely has it been told with such warmth, humour and charm. There is definitely a nostalgic nod to the dance hall days but the play is not without a sense of currency. Emigration is a topic that is touched upon more than once, with talk of loved ones been, gone and going.
When you dance you're at your most freest...that is once you get past the initial embarrassment (or the third G&T, ahem!) But once you do, you can shake of the worries of the day and let loose. And that's exactly what Swing does. For the hour we sat listening, watching and tapping our feet. The bustling crowds of Grafton Street just a few floors below seemed to fade away.
Peter Daly creates of a cast of misfits, divas, desperados and the highly stressed that brings a comedic element that will make you laugh, cringe, swoon, relate, shudder with detest and reminisce. Moran and Blount twist and turn their way around this array of characters with pure finesse. The attention to detail in their steps and character morphing is to be highly commended. On a bare stage with two chairs, Steve Blount and Janet Moran bring to life the weird and wonderful characters that inhabit the world of Swing. It's an absolute treat.
‘Swing’ is about hope; about discovering and rediscovering yourself, about finding a place to belong, about second chances and searching for joy beyond the struggles. Whether that's through striking up an unexpected friendship, taking a risk, moving away from home or simply having a good aul swing!
It is a hilarious, laugh-out loud comedy blended with the heart-warming story of May and Joe. It's simply unmissable. It's got something for everyone; rock 'n roll tunes, comedy, relatable characters, dance, passion...sure what more would you want!